Short Essay on Katherine Porter's "Pale Horse, Pale Rider"

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I chose to write a short essay on Katherine Porters' story "Pale Horse, Pale Rider". Upon researching for any literary criticism or reviews on this short story I realized it was going to be much harder than originally anticipated. After four hours of searching the web and not wanting to pay money for papers on the subject matter I was looking for, or pay for any historical book reviews, I finally settled on a criticism on Pale Horse, Pale Rider on In summary the review cited her work and analyzed her writing and how it made him feel after reading the short story. He stated that the book certainly deserved more than five stars than the rating page allowed, which was the maximum for any book. He cited Katherine Porter's novel as of one of the finest American novels of all time. Mitchell went on to state that before nonfiction books about dying and coming back to life became popular, Katherine Anne Porter wrote this brilliant story about life and death during the influenza epidemic near the end of World War I.

He stated that unlike any other book he had read, she successfully captured the perspective of the beauty of death eclipsing the beauty of life. He went on to further describe the theme which is to explain how our perspective shifts back towards favoring life, as the memory of death retreats. He stated that Porter's novel had a broader meaning, one which inevitable death ends each of our lives, but, what life means in this context. One of the fascinating plot complications Mitchell stated that she used in the book was to show how "duty" to life usually means increasing the likelihood of death. As a result he stated that , each of...