A short reading response to Paradise Lost. It's about Satan's personality.

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Satans Personality

Enemy of God, Light-bearer, master of disguise, father of lies, and the father of sin and death are the characteristics of Satan, the establisher of the tyrannical monarchy in Hell. Satan's emotions and behavior reveal his psychological state and his personality.

Lucifer is one of Gods esteemed angles before he turned into Satan, and his attitude towards God is honorable. This is not Lucifer's ture behavior though, even though his name means the bearer of Light. His true emotions and behavior come out when God's Son comes into being. Lucifers is envious of God's Son, which shows his true personality. His psychological state is coming out, but Lucifer will not understand it untill he is down in Hell.

Satan's pride and envy made him change his psychological state to a sinful behavior. Even after he is cast down into the lake of fire he will not repent to God for his wrongful doings.

"What though the field be lost? All is not lost."Satan's pride consumes him and "study of revenge, immortal hate." (1.105-107) Satan's vanity is so extream that he wants "to wage by force or guile eternal war" against God.

Satan's psychological state is changed from holy behavior to sinful behavior, and his emotions and behavior are the reasons for this change. His vanity changed him radically, but his envy of God's Son started the process of changing his psychological state.