Short Story-Halloween Night

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Short Story-Halloween Night

It was four o'clock in the afternoon, as I was sitting outside my doorsteps carving my pumpkin with my brother, Hector. My mom came outside and told us to hurry up because trick-or-treating began at six thirty. As I was carving a face into the huge orange pumpkin, Hector sat there and took out all the guts and seeds. I walked inside to check what time it was and it was already five. I never felt time fly so fast before. I walked back outside and told my brother that we needed to start cleaning up because it was time to get ready. He hurried up and put all the guts and seeds in the bag my mom had gave us. After we had done that, I ran and put it in the big blue trash bin we had outside.

I walked into my house through the back door and went in my room.

I opened up my closet and began to put on my witch costume. After I had everything on, I noticed that I had forgotten to put on the neon green and black striped tights. I grabbed them and hurriedly put them on. I went down the stairs and noticed that Hector was already in his Michael Myers costume. To me, it looked really freaky but I didn't tell him. I walked over to my dad and asked him where my pumpkin basket was at. He told me that I was down in the basement, all ready and clean for me. I went down the basement stairs to get it, and as soon as I got back up, it was time to go.

Hector and I first went to my neighbor's house, Ann and she gave us a whole bunch of candy.