What Should And Shouldn't Computers Be Allowed To Run?

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Computers have always scared people. Not just because they can be confusing and hard to operate, but also because how they affect peoples everyday lives. What jobs should highly advanced computers be able to run? This question can involve ethics, privacy, security, and many other topics.

What jobs can and can't we leave to the computer? As computers grow more and more advanced, not to mention complicated, so grows the number of job applications that can be filled by computers. But can we leave a job such as doctor to a highly advanced computer system? There are a great deal of moral issues involving that. What would happen if the doctor made a mistake? Could you sue the computer? What about the computer programmer? One error in the program could mean death for a patient. One job that I'm sure many people would give to a computer if they had the chance would be a lawyer. This eliminates the problem that occurs when someone with money is in trouble. They buy the best lawyer money can buy, but the person without any money cannot afford the great lawyers the other guy has. With this system, one single lawyer program could be provided to everyone so that the process of dispensing justice is much more fair. What about a judge and jury? Could a computer replace them? Is it right for a computer to pronounce sentence on an individual?

Because computers don't have any kind of actual thought or will, some jobs would be perfect for computers. Security would be a good job for a computer to handle. People like their privacy and don't want to be watched over by someone all the time. If computers could tell if a crime is happening without a human to point it...