Should "Big Brother" be cancelled?

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Many people think that Big Brother is a waste of time and that it is "entertainment for animals". A TV critic wrote into a newspaper and said horrific things about it. An example of a comment he used was, "This show is doing nothing but attracting weirdo's and odd people. Has the world gone mad and if so, how do we stop such sheer disgrace?" My reply to this terrible statement is that it is not a disgrace. OK! It might be attracting a few weirdo's but let me just say that it is those weirdo's that are going on to win Big Brother. Some people are of the opinion that it happens to be the best source of entertainment on our televisions today. Others say that it should be stopped immediately and there should be no other show produced similar to it. I for one do not want this to happen, as I am a huge fan of Big Brother, and always will be until the show does eventually come to an end.

In my opinion I think other fans of Big Brother would agree with me as this show is sweeping the nation off their feet.

Rules of the Game

The programme Big Brother was first aired in Britain on 14th July 1999. It involves at least 12 strangers sharing a house for 10 weeks; their every action monitored by cameras and played 24 hours a day to millions of viewers via a dedicated web site or your TV. Edited highlights can be followed daily on Channel 4 television at around 9pm. Each week one of the participants is evicted by phone vote, following secret nominations by their housemates. The last one remaining wins £70,000. What the housemates do not know is that Big Brother occasionally...