Should Community Service be mandatory?

Essay by brit_tiny November 2005

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To Whom It May Concern,

Although some may argue what a waste of time community service is, studies have shown that this is actually beneficial; therefore teenagers should be forced to do community service. Teenagers are expected to know life lessons when entering the work force, and how better to learn them, than by helping the community. The community is also in desperate need of youthful enthusiasm to improve itself. Teenagers spend a lot of time at school, but to take part of 75 hours of community service of a four-year period is a rather small number. Community service could teach teenagers responsibility, respect, and life lessens, and for an extraordinarily small amount of time and effort it helps further the community.

Services volunteered by individuals or an organization to benefit a community or its institutions is the definition of community service. Majority of teenager's problem is promptness, if needing to be on time to a certain event it could teach dependability for oneself at a young age.

If doing volunteer work then you will always try to do the best you can, to fulfill a duty properly is also useful tool for teaching responsibility. If community service is started at a young age it will become habit to help others and not so much burdensome to us. Grades are obviously not enough of a requirement. Teenagers need to be street smart as well as book smart. Community service is very rewarding, so helping some one accomplish a task that they themselves were unable to accomplish before can be gratifying. If integrated into the school curriculum as a learning experience. Grades will then depend upon the service plus the academic exercises connected with it.

How is it possible that 75 hours of community service out of a four-years...