Should There Be Stricter Laws On Pornography?

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Should There Be Stricter Laws on Pornography?

Three articles have opposing viewpoints on laws concerning pornography. All three authors argue their side of this issue while having many of the same ideas as their opposing writers. The first is, 'I am a First Amendment Junkie', by Susan Jacoby. Susan has written many articles on women's issues for popular magazines such as Glamour, McCalls, and The Nation. This article appeared in her syndicated 'Hers' column in 1978. Jacoby believes that certain restrictions on pornography would be a violation of the first amendment. The second article is, 'Report of the President's Commission on Obscenity and Pornography(Minority Report)'. This is a report that was submitted by minority members of a commotion that was established by congress in 1967. This commotion was designed to study the impact of obscenity and pornography on American life. The final article is 'Let's put Pornography Back in the Closet' by Susan Brownmiller.

Brownmiller is a Journalist, Women's rights activist, and a founder of Women against Pornography. This article appeared in Newsday, a Long Island newspaper in 1979, and in Take Back the Night, a collection of essays against pornography. These articles are geared towards audiences who have an interest in the issue of pornography.

Despite the authors contrasting viewpoints, there are many similarities. Brownmiller feels that pornography is the result of women's bodies being dehumanized for pleasure. She also feels that pornography is commercially advertising the female body being raped, tortured and mutilated. The commission agrees and argues that this type of pornography should be censured to prevent moral corruption. If this does not happen, children trained with pornography will not be able to fall in love. Although Jacoby strongly agrees with the first amendment, she also agrees that pornography can become a bigger threat to...