Should We Blame Violence On Media?

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Should we blame violence on the entertainment industry? In the recent years there has been several school shootings portrayed by young students all ending with unforgettable massacres. The community has made it clear on who to blame: the entertainment industry. They are blaming the violence in the movies, music, videogames and television for the senseless acts of some teenagers with some obviously negative issues in their life.

But is it really the entertainment industries fault? when violence has been around for so long, or is it just the parents fault for not teaching them the difference between right and wrong, and fiction from reality.

I agree that violence is now more accessible in entertainment but the industry does not tell people to go out and do the same. If someone goes and kills someone just because a singer with white paint in his face tells in his song a story about killing, he was probably going to do it in the first place.

Because a person that does that had to have some serious problems and issues before he heard the song.

The government and the church have both mention the infamous Marilyn Manson and other bands with the same kind of material, bands like Insane Clown Posse, Ministry, Nine inch Nails, Ramstein, kmfdm and many others. But this kind of groups have been around since rock started (i.e. Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, Skinny Puppy, just to mention a few). And it even happened with the Beatles when Charles Manson heard the White Album he got the "inspiration" to go out and kill people (or just send people to do it for him), but did the Beatles really tell him to do what he did? Of course not, it was all in his head all the time and it...