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Sequel movies are a dime a dozen, but Shrek 2 is a must-see film. Shrek 2 starts off with Prince Charming--whose charm I still question, undertaking a difficult journey to get to his Princess Fiona. But, of course, he's too late, only finding a wolf in Fiona's bed, while she's out enjoying her honeymoon with Shrek. When they get back home to Shrek's beloved swamp, he not only finds Donkey but a bunch of royal people who summon the happy couple to Far Away Land to Meet Fiona's Parents and get their blessing. Of course, the proud parents are unaware of their daughter's husband, and their daughter's change in appearance. To top it off, Shrek has foiled all of the King's (voiced by John Cleese) plans for his daughter's future. Seems the King made an alliance with the powerful Fairy Godmother (voiced by Jennifer Saunders), so that Fiona would marry her son, Prince Charming.

The characters in this movie were hilarious, especially Donkey (voiced by Eddie Murphy) and Puss in boots (voiced by Antonio Banderas). Just like in the fist movie Donkey always irritates Shrek, only difference being here he's jealous when Shrek pays more attention to Puss in Boots than to him. Puss-In-Boots is a feline assassin who is sent to kill Shrek, but instead becomes his staunch ally. Donkey, however, is not happy with his new sidekick competition. Overall the whole cast do a fine job giving their characters the depth they should have in a sequel, especially a randy Pinocchio who has a penchant for wearing women's underwear which rounds out the mischief nicely, though I'll have to say that Antonio Banderas steals the whole show.

I think the script might have suffered a bit, from the loss of writers...