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Siddhartha: Final Exam Paper Question 1 1. Siddhartha joined the Samanas- He had no values yet, just that he wanted to reach Nirvana so bad that he went looking for it instead of himself. His attitude was OK because he learned how to separate the Self, and become inanimate objects. He didn't really have a philosophy yet.

2. Siddhartha left the Samanas, found the Buddha, and Govinda left him- His values are now to himself, he is not looking towards the past nor the future. His attitude is bad, because he thinks that the Buddha has robbed him of his best friend, and he now must go out on his own. He is also very confused; the Buddha told him many things that he did not think about. Siddhartha now must find himself in order to find Nirvana.

3. Siddhartha followed lust and passion to Kamala and the town where he became a merchant, a gambler, and a drunk- by the river; Siddhartha meets a woman and has succumbed to the power of love and lust.

But in the middle he stops. His values are much too high for this common woman, she has given herself easily and too a stranger. He needs to be able to learn from her and the ways of love. His attitude towards Kamala is one of interest and intrigue. He doesn't quite understand why he is drawn to her other than her beauty. His philosophy is that he is learning how to be a normal person. Without any knowledge of a Brahman's son, to learn how to love, and how to live day by day.