Significance Of Cultures

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Without diversity in cultures, we wouldn't be able to enjoy the food and traditions of other cultures, the world would be one same play of the same heritage, and wouldn't be able to learn or expand on our knowledge of the society's in our world. Clearly, different cultures have their own way of practicing their faith. In fact, if you think about it, cultures make up our world. For example, we would never be able to enjoy the millions of traditions, like some of their food, or clothing, which is very, very important for us. It is good for us to experience this. Some of us like the many varieties of food in our world; this gives us an opportunity to expand on our choices. If we didn't have this opportunity we would be stuck with the same normal life. If the Christian faith did not exist, others and I would not be able to enjoy the season of Christmas.

Sadly, the world would be one dull place, and our knowledge wouldn't be able to grow like a newborn baby. We wouldn't be able to go to other countries and experience the culture and the way off life compared to ours at home, like how some people are suffering and dying just for water, while we waste water, for little things that aren't necessary. Without the varieties of cultures the different gods, traditions, or languages would all would all be missed upon. Truly, cultures make up whom we are, and every individual belongs to one faith. They have their own values that make them special. For example, our ancestors have emigrated and come from richer or poorer countries seeking, for a better life. They were lions to bring and sponsor their family. Evidently, cultures make up our world...