The Significance of Gough Whitlam in Australia

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Gough Whitlam became Prime Minister of Australia in December 1972 and his political career was dismissed by the Governor-General in November 1975. In this little time frame of 3 yrs Gough Whitlam's Government contributed in many acts of developing the Australian Society. Some of these were introducing the language program for non-English speaking Australians, introducing a supporting benefit for single-parenting families, abolishing the last trace of the White Australian Policy and also abolishing conscription.

Gough Whitlam's Government also took into consideration with developing new legislative forms. Most of these forms still are being used today. The Whitlam Government replaced Australia's adversarial divorce laws with a new system that's said to not fail, acted to improve the position of the Aboriginal minority, introduced the Trade Practices Act, slashed tariff barriers, introduced a national health insurance scheme called Medibank but now known as Medicare, sponsored free university education, introduced federal funding for private schools that needed it, established the "third tier" in Australian radio by legislating for the establishment of community-based FM radio and also established diplomatic and trade relations with the People's Republic of China (PRC).

It was only after about two years that Australians wondered if they could pay for all of Whitlam's changes. Though Whitlam achieved these legislative forms he unfortunately failed in his administration. When Whitlam was in the position of Prime Minister the economy value dropped, there were problems with payments, very low employment status' and very high inflation.

The contribution that Gough Whitlam's government made to contribute to the development of Australia's society was outstanding in his time and it still is today. It was an exciting time for all Australians because they could live a different, new and better life i.e. Whitlam's new Australia. Whitlam made many changes and developed on many new things...