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The Khanda- symbol (a two edged sword) and it symbioses Gods concern for truth and justice.

The followers of Sikhism are called Sikhs.

Founded about 500 years ago.

Began when Hindus and Muslims were living together in India. The religion originated in India. It is one of the world's most recent religions.

Nanak the guru became known as Guru Nanak (he was the founder if this religion) Guru means teacher. 12 million Sikhs live in Punja were it first began.

Guru Nanak was born 15th April 1469. His parents were Hindus.

At thirty years of age he disappeared for a week and people thought he was dead.

Two weeks later he came back and the first words he said was "There is neither Hindu or Muslims so who's path shall I follow?" "I shall follow Gods path".

He thought that equality was a must and that everyone should be equal.

He did not believe in the Caste system.

When he got older he chose a follower to take over and become the next Guru. There were 10 Gurus in total. These 10 Gurus evolved over 200 years.

The last Guru Gobind Singh set up brotherhood of all Sikhs known as the Khalsa.

At the Amrit festival (1699) he gave a big talk about Sikhism and basically said "who is prepared to die for our faith" which basically means who will defend it? It took in a tent five people in total and killed them and made his point that these people were so dedicated to their religion that they would die for it.

The 5th and the 9th Guru was put t death.

The men who died in the tent became know as the beloved five.

He dressed them in yellow robes. He then baptized them through the Amrit ceremony.