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Once, I wanted to be an engineer. Engineering is the most respected and commonly chosen career in our society. Most of the youth from the new generation choose this career. Initially, I had also been inspired by engineering, and wanted to be one of the top-class engineers. I was already a book-worm in my previous school, and had a limited social life. My friends were also very nerdy, and most of them ended up at renowned engineering schools. However, with time, I started to find engineering boring; visiting industrial areas, working, maintaining and checking on different machines is not something that I like, and am fond of. I thought that engineering had become a cliché and I wanted to do something different, innovative and creative. I explored different and varying career options and was drawn towards and fascinated by Computer Programming.

I am now enrolled at IBA, for the Computer Science Program, training to be a professional programmer. It is hard work however for me but I would rather call it labor of love. I stay awake during most nights to type my programs. If I were to do something else, anything else apart from this, I would fall asleep. During the day at university, I find myself to have a better social life, where I hope to take part in extracurricular activities and endeavors. Now I know better about myself than to have just been an engineer. I know for a fact that I want to be a programmer not just any but one of the best possible!- and that is what I will be. Many times you have to make tough decisions. The real challenge is...