Simple Thoughts from a Young Leader

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Our country suffers from so many problems. Poverty is always present in our society. There is no stability in our government. Our leaders are ignoring their responsibilities as a public servant. Criminals and terrorists are rampant in our nation. Human values are apparently forgotten. Do you think we can we still make our society devoid of these dilemmas that will threaten the youth of today?

Education will free our nation from suffering. The youth should be prepared emotionally, mentally and spiritually for the essential task of developing a better society. Educated individuals should be the foundation of our future. Young children should be taught about honesty, caring, and sharing in order to build up a moral society. There is definitely a need to improve the quality of education. Public schools are short of facilities and educators due to the lack of funds given by our government. Not every one in our country can study up to the college degree.

They should grant education for every citizen. The administration should also prioritize the standards of education in our country. If they have accomplished in providing education for all, our government must also provide incentives to encourage more individuals to go to school. The educators have to heighten their teaching standards in order to help students reach their full potential, rather than minimum competency.

Clearly, we need a great change in the standards of education. We must make education our top priority in order to develop well-rounded individuals in the future. Education will be the stepping stones to our country's success.