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Importance & Introduction

Singapore is a small,646 km2, tropical island just S of Malaysia, 165 N of the equator. Singapore is located at the crossroads of international trade routes, Singapore is recognised as a major centre for global trade.

Singapore provides international businesses with a total operating capability in a conducive business and free trade environment. Singapore is a key regional trading centre, the world's second busiest port, and a top location for investments in the Asia Pacific. Singapore's free-enterprise spirit extends to its relations with foreign investors. The government has adopted an open-door policy and welcomes foreign investment as well as foreign expertise.

The unique advantages of strategic location, stable government, competitive workforce, forward-looking economic policies and pro-business environment have enabled Singapore to be the world's gateway to Asia.

Free Trade Zones allow for import, export and customs formalities to be kept to a minimum, making transhipment and redistribution easy.

This not only facilitates the efficient movement of trade, but also keeps the cost of trading in Singapore low.

Some 5,000 multinational companies to use Singapore as a base for their global operations. Foreign investors can leverage on Singapore's strengths to capture opportunities in the region

Urban dynamics

Like other big cities with limited land areas, Singapore decided to build up rather than out. This decision proved pivotal for it allowed city planners to control sprawl, maintain and even expand parks and protected areas, limit highway construction, build public transport networks and zone development so that people could live and work in the same areas.

One of the government's most important roles was the oversight of land use and development. This was a particularly critical issue given the country's minute size and dense population; a total land area of 636 square kilometers and a population density of 4,166...