Sir Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill

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Winston Churchill was born on November 30, 1874. He

was a great national leader during World War II as well as a

great British statesman. He may have been the greatest

statesman of all time.

Before Sir Winston Churchill went into politics he

entered an army career as his father would have liked him

to do. He graduated from the Royal Military college in

1894. After he graduated eighth in his class he saw very

little war action. He went to Cuba, India, and, and The

Sudan as a soldier as well as a journalist.

Five years after college he resigned his commission

as a soldier he went into politics. He ended up suceeding

Neville Chamberlain as Prime Minister of Britain in 1940.

After Churchill was appointed Prime Minister he carried

his nation to victory.

In 1945 he lost the election to become Prime Minister

but in 1951 he became Prime Minister again.

Unfortunately Churchill could not be as great of a leader as

he was the first time due to his old age and bad health.

Since Churchill was doing poor in health he had to

resign. He wrote many books like "The Second World War"

which was considered a masterpiece. In 1943 he won the

Nobel Peace Prize.

Eventually in 1965 he died. He died as a poet, an author, and a painter but

most see Chuchill as one of the best and most courageous wartime leaders.