Skateboarders nationwide restless, a problem that needs attention?

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Skateboarders Nationwide Restless; A problem that needs


Skateboarding. A sport that only requires a board and four

wheels. One needs only seventy to one hundred dollars to get

one. It seems pretty simple, doesn't it? Well it's not, and for

one important reason.

On a typical day, a skateboarder usually gets up at about

10a.m., throws their board in the trunk of their car, puts a Bad

Religion tape in the tape player, picks up several other skaters

and sets off to find a good spot to aggressively push their

bodies to doing the unthinkable. Defying gravity, stretching the

laws of physics and subjecting themselves to much physical pain

and discipline all in a day's work. Everyone takes turns trying

new moves and cheering each other on, a sport with no pressure to

do better than anyone else, there are no winners or losers. You

skate until you are exhausted, and go to bed early only to wake

up and repeat the process the next morning.

Skateboarders are mostly straight-edge, which means that

they do not use drugs, or alcohol. This is because

skateboarding, and improving requires almost constant practice.

This determination in only clouded by the effects of drugs.

Anyway when one performs an intricate maneuver flawlessly, the

rush is greater than any pot or coke. Unfortunately, this cannot

happen when a skater is denied access to their sanctuaries, there

favorite spot. A good example is given by Johnston foster- 'Last

summer, me and some friends were skating at Phi Beta Kappa Hall,

the theater at the College of William and Mary. I pulled a phat

360 kickflip down the three steps out front. The session was

hot, we were all on (landing most attempted tricks) and it wasn't

too hot out side. We all...