Slap Hitting

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Makayla Walsh

Mrs. King

Composition I

30 September 2013

Slap Hitting

Everyone knows what hitting in is softball. A batter goes up to the plate hoping they will make contact on the ball while closing their eyes and wishing it will go far. What if there is a new way to hit in softball? This sounds crazy, a completely new way of hitting in softball. Slap hitting has become a huge phenomenon in girl's softball. This hitting technique helps offenses identify and misuse the weakness of the defense. Usually this batter is the lead off and the goal of the slap hitter is to simply get on base because of their quickness. This hitting technique separates the game between softball and baseball even more, and has become crucial for many team strategies.

This method of hitting has been around since the 80's, but it has become more popular now today.

The reason why it's so popular now today to have a slap hitter on your team is because they are a key part of it. Most of the time you need fast base runners, well they are the players to have. Slap hitting has evolved to quickly because softball is vastly growing, and more and more girls want to play.

Slap hitting is a different form of hitting than original right and left handed power hitters. The slap hitter has specific techniques they have to use in order to hit the ball. They first start in the batters box all the way to the back of the white chalk, then when the pitcher releases the ball the slapper runs towards the ball trying to make contact. Instead of taking a full swing or a normal swing what we are used too, the slapper makes contact with the ball by bunting...