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Sydney White

Period 2 Filon


Sleep is very important, and especially for teenagers. While most say that students should be getting 10 hours of sleep, most only get four to six! The effects of sleep deprivation can affect students' performance in academics and sports. One of the main outcomes of sleep deprivation is slowed reaction times. This can affect driving and reflexes as well. One study even found that sleepiness behind the wheel was nearly as dangerous as drinking and driving. Also, sleep deprivation can affect the ability to think clearly. Cognition suffers greatly from not getting enough sleep. It can become extremely difficult to retain memories or process information. This can affect how students work in class and if they even remember what they are learning that day. Lastly, emotions are heightened. Anger, sadness, giddiness and more are all heightened when the necessary amount of sleep is not attained.

Also, fights with a sibling or friend could quickly escalate due to this heightening of emotions. "Meanwhile, previous research has found that sleep deprivation has the same effect on your immune system as physical stress or illness, which may help explain why lack of sleep is related to an increased risk of many diseases as well" (Mercola). Sleep deprivation can negatively affect how students perform in sports and academics, so make sure to always get 10 hours of sleep!