SMC Company Training and Development Plan.

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To increase output production and meet increased order demand the SMC Company must hire a skilled operations specialist to assess and organize the organization. Questions such as, can our current processes, people and equipment be improved in order to increase production? Are training, teamwork, and motivation evident or lacking and how can we improve the staff and systems we currently have all need to be asked in order to determine the need for additional staff.

If upon answering these questions it is determined that more staff is needed, hiring should be done for the manufacturing department through temp-to-hire workers. Using temporary workers will allow SMC to adjust staffing according to need and assist in obtaining and retaining skilled workers. The diversity of the labor force should be reflective in the hiring practices of SMC. The company needs to be more aware and open-minded about the skills and abilities of the minorities in the community around them.

Many changes will have to take place in order to increase production. In order to assist new and existing staff with these changes various forms of educational and skills training are needed. There are aspects that need to be addressed when determining which approach would work best for training employees. Employers must consider not only which programs would help their newly hired employees excel but also which programs would be most beneficial to their current employees and the company as a whole.


When it comes to training existing employees, what needs to be taken into consideration is the ages and era of those employees. These are the ones that are going to need training in how to deal with the new comers, since there will be an age gap and also a difference in how they were raised and how they think and...