"Smee" by A. M. Burrage

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Throughout our lifetime most of us will read many stories. Some of these stories can be adventurous, romantic or horrifying. Some of these stories are good to read while some are very predictable and boring. Although some stories that are predicable tend to be boring, it is a not a case for 'Smee', a ghost story, where it's predictability builds suspense; thus making the story interesting and frightening.

In the beginning the author sets the scene by telling us a story within a story. A. M. Burrage takes us back in time explaining the death of a young girl. This young girl dies playing the game of hide-and-seek. The author then transcent you into the second story where much of the information is parallel to the first story. The setting in the second story is in the same house where the girl in the first story died.

It was Christmas eve and Smee a game similar to hide-and-seek is played. Jackson, who is the narrator went to a party at the house. He was late for Christmas eve dinner so at the dinner table he was not able to be formally introduce to everyone. He see one of the girl who he wanted to get to know but didn't. After dinner they all decided to played Smee. The rules of the game are simple. 'Every player is presented with a sheet of paper. All the sheets are blank except one, on which is written 'Smee'. Nobody knows who is 'Smee' except 'Smee' himself-or herself, as the case may be. The lights are then turned out and 'Smee' slips from the room and goes off to hide, and after an interval the other players go off in search, without knowing whom they are actually in search of. One...