How To Smoke Weed Responcibly

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How to smoke weed Responcibly Well now, I'm here to tell you all how to smoke weed and not be heat score. After reading these couple of points you will be some what more "responsible".

First of all don't ever EVER walk around flashing your weed to people on the street because you can never tell who's an undercover these days. Also never go around flashing the bills 'cuz if people see a fool waving a waud of money they're gonna punk his ass.

Nextly never ask a million people to come and smoke a joint 'cuz then you're just wasting your money and your dope, if you're gonna smoke a sesion only go with like one or two other people unless everyons pitching in then it's alright to smok ewith like how ever many people have weed.

Thirdly, be smart on how you act. Don't walk around acting all stupid, tripping over your own feet and stumbling down the road.

That's just asking to get caught. We like to call these people "heat scores" and we don't need you around to get us busted.

Up next we have the most important Rule there is. If you get caught you Never NEVER NEVER tell who you got your weed from or who you were with. Just "cuz you got busted and no one else did doesn't mean that you have to nark them out.

Last but not least, if you have a pipe be smart and keep it in a bag or something so it doesn't stink, 'cuz you don't wanna get pinched because of your pipe.

So now you should have a good idea of what NOT to do when you're high and have a clue on how to act in public.