Snatch: An oral film review

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It's about stealin' stones and breakin' bones.

Snatch is the highly anticipated motion picture from writer/director Guy Ritchie, as a follow up from his previous film, 'Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels'. Released in 2000, it was given a greater budget than 'Lock Stock', and therefore was allowed to spend more on location, props, and actors.

This film stars Jason Statham, Vinnie Jones, Alan Ford, Brad Pitt, Dennis Farina, and Benicio Del Toro. Its plot is both twisted and intriguing, a rollercoaster ride of intertwined stories that that are all, in some way or another, related. The basic outline is this: a diamond exchange in Antwerp is robbed, the diamond now to go to New York. But someone is tipped off, and the diamond is getting chased by 3 parties.

In the middle of all this, two boxing promoters want a new caravan, and they go to a gypsy camp to collect it, and end up having to put their prized boxer, Gorgeous George in a fight with Mickey, a pikey (gypsy).

After being knocked out and injured (in one hit), the boys enroll Mickey as their new fighter, much to the 'disappointment' of Brick Top, a gangster that organizes fights. Both parts of the plot are very well intertwined, and this makes a fantastic film that I would recommend for pretty much anyone.

But there is one scene that sounds out from the rest of the film like a black eye. I am talking about the final boxing scene; the climax of the film. In this scene, Mickey is asked to go down (get knocked out) in the fourth round of this match, or Brick Top and his cronies will kill him and his boxing promoters, Tommy and Turkish, and feed their bodies to pigs. Charming.