Snow Falling On Cedars

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Snow Falling on Cedars In Snow Falling on Cedars, we see that the existence of racial prejudice, ignorance, fear and suspicion in society can damage or even destroy the lives of individuals, just like the snowstorm damages the community of Amity Harbor. Snow that falls on cedars and lands of the community of Amity Harbor creates a beautiful appearance. Similarly, when people hide their prejudice, ignorance, fear and suspicion toward other people who look different, the surface of these people hiding their prejudice and community may seem calm and attractive. However, just like the snow that keeps falling it can cause serious damages in the community. People can damage or destroy others because these fears do not go away unless they are talked about and remain hidden underneath.

In Amity Harbor, the lives of people are damaged and disrupted by the snowstorm. Many cars slide off the road and are stranded; trees fall on houses; and people are injured (252-253).

The snowstorm also creates electricity and telephone service disruption (307). At the same time, the snow creates a beautiful appearance: ¡°strawberry fields lay under nine inches of powder and were as fuzzy through the snowfall as a landscape in a dream¡± (320). The falling snow gives a silence to a world that is ¡°cold and bare and¡­[in which] lay its terrible beauty¡± (443), while it covers everything underneath and makes it indistinguishable or unremembered.

Just like the snow, the community of Amity Harbor creates its atmosphere calm and attractive by covering prejudice underneath. In the community, there is a Strawberry¡¡Festival and ¡°a virginal Japanese maiden¡± is always chosen to be ¡°the Strawberry Princess.¡± The community invites all islanders and tourists from Seattle to celebrate the festival. At the same time, the Law of the State of Washington prohibits non-citizen...