Social Injustice in Australia

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Good morning teacher and class, today I will be talking to you about social injustice in Australia and how it is being treated by the government and the Catholic Church. In particular racism in Australia. We define social justice as the distribution of advantages within a society. Generally justice means the right thing. In social justice it just means socially everything is right and with no disadvantages. But today I'm talking about social injustice, so that is generally the wrong things that are happening in Australia.

The people affected by racial acts are deeply hurt by the words or actions put up to them, and most of the time they are scarred for life.

The injustice that has occurred in Australia is racism and this injustice has been continuing ever since the first fleet entered Australia. The consequences of this form of injustice are serious but many campaigns have been put forward by the gov.

the Government has put through many campaigns such as racial hatred legislation in 1992 (the Racial Discrimination Legislation Amendment Bill 1992), and later reintroduced it in an amended form (the Racial Hatred Bill 1994). The Government committed $5 million for the first of what was described as a two-year campaign, stating that the other $5 million would be for campaign's effectiveness. The Indigenous Law Centre (formerly the Aboriginal Law Centre - ALC) was established in 1981 to develop and co-ordinate research, teaching and distribution of information in the multi-disciplinary area of Indigenous peoples and the law.

There are currently no accepted acts of 'racism' in Australia and much research shows racism to be extensive and increasing in the 1990s, even though the government have gone to great lengths to stop the horrible acts of racism.

Australia has a national sorry day and this is because...