Social Mobility

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Social Mobility Reflect on the similarities and differences between you, your parents, and your grandparents about various stratification variables. These variables consist of education, religion, income, occupation, area of residence, consumption patterns, and political participation. For the purposes of this paper, I am going to touch on education, religion, income, and occupation. In addition, to what extent are you upwardly or downwardly mobile? Why do these differences exist, what caused them, have they changed or influenced your attitudes and behaviors?My grandparents were uneducated and really did the best that they could for their family. My grandmother stayed home, while my grandfather worked to support the family. My father was also uneducated through most of his adult life. He did go to college and got his certificate to become a preacher; he accomplished this in his thirties. My mother dropped out of high school when she got pregnant with her first child.

I graduated from high school and now am attending college to earn a degree in accounting. In comparing similarities and differences with the above, I would have to say that we have all followed in the same patterns as our parents. Although, my father and I have made the efforts to change our education by going back to school to do what we want and to better our lives and our status in society.

Religion has been a difficult aspect of our lives. My grandparents did attend church but did not live the Christian life. I believe that they tried but did not really follow through with the teachings of the church with their children. Because of this, my father did not live a Christian life through a good portion of his life. He did find God later and became a preacher. My mother, on the other hand, does...