Social norms and behaviors

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Anywhere we go, there are going to be at least a couple of different norms occurring at the same time. From walking onto a train to sitting in a restaurant, everyone will behave in distinct manners to which they have grown accustomed to. The way we behave isn't in the matter of right or wrong, but only what our society allows us to do,

without any criticism or discrimination. When sitting in a public café, you can notice a lot of different norms taking place. The way people sit, eat or talk, are all based on how they were brought up. Their social surroundings. In this audit, I want to find out what kind of norms take place in a café, how many different ones occur, and how the people respond to others, when a norm is broken or near so.

First we need to understand the most general definitions.

When we are talking about norms, we mean "the rules or standards and expectations that guide the behavior of members of a society" (Scott, 2000, 483). Those are the rules that we follow in order not to get in trouble with the law, or mainly just to survive in peace. What we mean by folkways is "customs; the norms that specify the ways things are or are not typically done" (Scott, 2000, 481). These are rules or customs we grew up believing in, and do in our daily lives. They differ form religion to religion, or just from different areas. Not everyone is accustomed to everyone else's ways, that's why sometimes there are confusions between people. Another important word is mores. Mores are "rules for behavior that are embedded in our morality" (Scott, 2000, 483). These rules we grew up with and hold on for the rest of our...