Social Problems in Societies

Essay by martinski February 2014

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Social Problems in Societies

Martin M. Mwangi



Social Problems in Societies

Have you sat down and thought of the image our social fabric portrays lately. I would just say we have given it to the dogs. With all the social issues affecting our communities today, it beats logic to turn our faces and ignore them. We just have to take courage and face them head on, and ask ourselves where the rain started to beat us. Some of these problems have been there for long periods of time but remain unsolved and ignored but time will tell what next will escalate as a result of this maniac evil cancer eating to our society. To achieve any meaningful strides in the development of our society we have to curb some of the social problem arising in our societies.

Not even the developed societies have been spared either; I mean, why are their jails in our societies? It's to correct these social misfits that exist in the societies. In Britain for instance, David Cameron as continuously addressed on that issue as an opposition leader before coming to power. He has been quoted saying that our society is broken on many occasion and policies are needed to be enacted to alter the behavior of our population.

Social problems it's a sign that our society is falling apart as is evident in various political forums all over the world, closer to us the political divide tend to agree that the recent security issues in our country are as a result of lack of employment and poverty.

To begin with, we have to clearly understand the term social problem; this will greatly hinder us...