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Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep!Waking up to the sound of the alarm, as you roll over to hit the off button. You glance at the time, 7:00 AM. Oh Great, time for school. You walk out your room, still in your cute teddy bear pajamas, and instantly the sweet aroma of pancakes and coffee fill your senses with delight. As you walk down the hall of this two-story rambler, you pass my sister’s overly decorated door. The door is still closed, means that she hasn’t left her room yet, and makes you delighted that you get to shower first today. You shower up, dress, and walk down the stairs to join your family for breakfast. Your father, reading a newspaper with coffee in hand, is freshly shaved and dressed in a spotless dress shirt. Your mother, serving pancakes to your father, is wearing an apron and her long hair up in a bun.

Your sister, joining the table 10 minutes later, is in a cute dress and her hair up in pigtails.

“Honey, do you want more pancakes?” Questioned my mother, while holding a plate stacked with fresh pancakes.

“Sorry honey, I’m off to work.” My father replied, grabbing his suitcase and gives Mother a kiss before leaving.

Shortly following, our mother with our backpacks in hand, is rushing you and your sister to hurry up or you’ll both miss the bus. After we’re off at school, your mother starts cleaning and doing dishes, like normal stay-at-home mothers. Is this your family? It certainly isn’t mine, or the ones described in “An Indian Story” (109) or “Envy” (118).

These two stories have a main general theme: Families that depart from the general Western European “nuclear family.” The Western European “nuclear family is a household (usually white) of two married heterosexual couples...