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My family of four living with a poverty level income of $1500 per month would be spending approximately $550 on renting out their half of a duplex. The utilities would be covered in that $550. We would then be spending another $450 on food. And then another $300 on car insurance and car payments. This would then leave my family and me at extra $200 a month. Over the course of one year the money would accumulate to $2400 which I deduct $700 for special occasions such as birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries, and so on. but this would still leave us with $1700 and in the case of a tragedy I would not risk my family on a hunch that no hurricane would come, I would get out of Dodge at least until the warning alerts that were issued by the government were over. But if something were to fall through with the money I'd saved up then I would take out a loan or charge everything on my credit cards.

In short I would do whatever it took.

I'd rather leave everything behind and continue with nothing or have to start over than to risk losing my family materialistic things are plentiful especially in America. Your family is priceless you can not put a price on what it takes to save them, moreover staying in the event of an emergency when you have two kids to raise and a wife to take care, is stubborn, bullheaded, and above all ignorant.