Software Implementation Methodology

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IMPLEMENTATION METHODOLOGIES: What implementation technique to use INTRODUCTION What is implementation? Implementation in some books is also referred to as conversion. "Conversion is the installation of the new, tested software, making it fully operational. System installation is part of this conversion process. It consists of two activities; database creation and system changeover. Besides system installation, conversion consists of writing new work procedures, completing all system documentation, training users, and conducting acceptance tests of the system by user groups. The end result of this conversion effort is the release of the new system for day-to-day use" (Eliason, 1987).

Lucas (1981), on the other hand states that implementation is a continuous process that runs from "original suggestions" through "feasibility study, systems analysis and design, programming, training, conversion and installation of the system." Zwass (1992), agrees with the above statement but adds that it "is the process of preparing people in an organization for a new system and introducing the system into the organization."

Thus implementation involves replacing an existing system with a new system after preparing people, facilities and equipment within and around the environment where the new system will be introduced.

There are various ways of implementing a new system but how does an organization select which of the methods to use? Let us first look at why we need to implement and the various methods used before we analyze the selection criteria.

OBJECTIVES/PURPOSE OF IMPLEMENTATION The main purpose of implementation is so that the existing system can be replaced with the new, tested and documented system (Adams,1985). There are various reasons why an organization may want to replace an existing system, ranging from wanting to speed up transactions to acquiring a competitive edge in its field/industry. Replacing of an old system will, for whatever reason, require creation of new files...