Solutions to a Perplexing Problem (On Prison Problems)

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Solutions to a Perplexing Problem

At the Medford Correctional Facility, prisoners, guards, deputies, and civilian staff members are having problems with the way the limited budget is organized and distributed. Because of this, the prisoners have gone on a hunger strike. The hunger strike has gotten the attention of the warden. Now the problems are to be resolved, compromising were possible, in a satisfactory way for all who are concerned.

The prisoners are experiencing problems such as unsanitary conditions, health related issues including abuse both mentally and physically, and inadequate education. Inmates are only allowed one shower a week and one bar of soap each month. Every day they are given an insufficient two quarts of water to wash-up. Important toiletries such as a toothbrush aren't provided by the prison. As punishment, on occasion, the prisoners have been given buckets to use instead of toilets. This brings the health conditions of the prison to an unsettlingly low level.

There are only two doctors at the prison from eight A.M. to eleven A.M. on Monday through Friday. This is a problem because there is not sufficient time for the doctors to see all the prisoners who need medical attention. Moreover, limiting the hours to the morning may make the prisoners suffer for a significant number of hours before they can see a doctor even if they don't have a waiting-list. In addition, the lack of sufficient sanitation makes the number of sick prisoners substantially larger than otherwise, consequently increasing the need for more doctors.

Furthermore, the prisoners suffer mental and physical abuse from the guards and prison regulations. Guards use their authority over the prisoners to justify verbal and physical forces as a means to control them. Extensive hours of solitary confinement in their cells may create mental problems for...