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Sarah Dessen is an American writer, known for her romance novels for mostly young teenagers. She is not only an inspiring writer, but she also teaches language arts and writing to young students. She is currently working on her eighth novel. Two of her novels have been combined together to create the movie called "How to Deal" one of the novels being, "Someone like you." The fiction novel, entitled "Someone like you" by Sarah Dessen, is a romance novel written in the time period of the mid nineteen hundreds. This novel is intended for an young adult or teenaged female audience. The story is about two best friends, Halley and Scarlett, who met when they were eleven years old and were inseparable ever since. Scarlett's boyfriend is killed in the summer before their junior year in a motorcycle accident. Halley was away at summer camp when this happened.

Halley came home from the sisterhood camp early to be there for her best friend. Scarlett finds out she is pregnant with her boyfriend's (who died) baby. Halley has never had to be strong for Scarlett because it has always been the opposite, Halley with the problems and Scarlett with the support. There are many times in life where people are faced with difficult situations. We must all learn and grasp the concept of being there, supporting and helping those whom we truly love.

Scarlett moved to Lakeview at age 11. Halley went over to greet her and welcome her into the neighbourhood. The two became best friends and were always together. The summer before their junior year, Halley goes away to a sisterhood camp for the last two weeks of August. Scarlett stayed at home. Scarlett's boyfriend, Michael, the only person Scarlett has ever loved, is killed in...