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Dear Journal, I have made it here"¦I am in Samoa. As I walked off the plane I seen that everyone was wearing white, everyone except me of course. I found out that it is a custom to wear white on a Sunday, but don't worry I remembered to say Susu, meaning welcome or listen. I know how it is important to say this before a conversation. It helps show respect for the person.

As I was driving threw Pago Pago, the capital of American Samoa, I noticed that there was more public transportation than regular personal cars, so I asked the driver of the taxi why there wasn't that many cars in the city. He said that only 1% of Samoans have vehicles, I guessed that he read that someplace. As I got out I thought it was nice that the driver new English. You would have thought he would have only known there native language Samoan, which is a Polynesian language.

I have learned an interesting fact about American Samoa, a United states territory, it is only the size of Washington D.C, that with all of it's islands combined. Western Samoa is about the size of Rhode island, with all of it's islands combined.

I have made a new friend too also. His name is Peter he is a local. I asked him what they do for recreation, (sports) and he said that Samoans "love to dance and play there own version of cricket". Instead of football they play rugby. I think me and Peter will go see if we can join his friends in a friendly game of basketball tomorrow.

The Next Day Dear Journal, I am glad that I have this nice hotel to stay I, because Peter told me that in order to have water you must boil it first before using it in food or probably even drinking it, where I get clean nice water and don't have to boil it. I have only been here for a day, but I noticed that most of the island is employed by agriculture, fishing, tourism, and handicraft.

I decided to go shopping, so I could fit in more on the island, so I asked Peter to give me some tips on what to wear. I wasn't surprised that western clothing style wasn't very popular here I figured they had there own style. Well I was right men usually wear lava-lava, which is a wraparound skirt and a shirt on there upper-body. The women here usually wear puletasi a long dress, and Samoans forbid women to wear pants or slacks (cultural reasons).

Tomorrow there is going to be a feast at Peter's house, his father invited me. We will have pork, chicken, and fish, which is often served during a feast.

Personally I think that most of there food taste just like the stuff back home, except for a hand full of items. Those items are great tasting.

Next Day Dear Journal, Today I went to Peters, so that I would most offend his family by not showing up. Before I could come in I had to wait till they laid out a chair a for me, it's a custom. I was welcomed by his father jack. I had to sit cross-legged to show respect to his family.

I learned in conversation that almost all Samoans are Christians, and half are associated with the "London Missionary Society", or "Congregation Christian Church in Samoa". This is also is probably because of part of there history for Missionaries from London Society was the first to colonize the islands in 1830.