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Character Analysis Paragraph I find myself similar to the character, Narrator, from ?Sonny?s Blues? by James Baldwin. The first characteristic that struck me when reading this story that relates to the narrator is the way that he is protective to his brother. It struck me that he protects his brother when Sonny crunches up his can with his hand, and the narrator worries that he would cut himself with it. This shows a protective trait relating to the narrator because only a very protective person would actually worry about someone being cut with a can. I also find myself as a protective person. I relate to him, because I try to protect everyone in my family, even my dog. When he eats chocolate, and becomes ill, I worry about him and take care of him until I feel satisfied with his health. Another important characteristic that I noticed pertaining to the narrator is that he starts to envy his brother when they go to the club in the end of the story.

I think that he envies his brother when he sees all of the people that look up to him in the club, and how well he plays his music. I too have envy toward my brother. My brother is only 21 and he has already worked in Microsoft and in Motorola. He will finish his graduate?s degree from the University of Michigan next year and will make a lot of money in the following years. In conclusion, the Narrator from ?sonny?s Blues? and I have some striking similarities.