A Sorrowful Woman

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If you were to open and read a child's fairy tale story most of the time it would begin something like this: Once upon a Time there lived a happy family. At the beginning of ?A Sorrowful Woman? by Gail Godwin the reader is given the illusion of a happy story because it begins ?Once upon a Time?. In this story the ideal of a traditional fairy tale is twisted. The story introduces us to a nameless family consists of a father, a mother, and a son. Except this fairy tale is different. It is more real life than a story from the children's book. In this story the mother is unhappy and depressed person. Although the woman tries very hard to love her son and husband, she cannot help but to despise them.

Just like in most old-fashioned stories, the genre of this story is not much different. In this story the mother or wife is a stay at home mom that is portrayed to be helpless and in need of somebody to always take care of her.

In this fairy tale the mother's job consists of nothing more than to stay at home and cook dinner every night, do the laundry, and make sure that the son and the husband are happy and satisfied. Well this fairy tale has a twist. The mother could no longer take care of her son and husband and needed to be rescued, rescued by prince charming, the husband. And indeed, he did try to save her. He took over the house duties of cleaning and cooking and taking care of the son. He would prepare a sleeping drought for her ever night so could fall asleep instantly, ?If only there were instant sleep.? He even took in a live in girl to...