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Questions 1-10

1. Eckels was punished by Travis and was shot because he killed a butterfly and Keith lost the raise for President.

2. Travis explains that even killing a mouse can hurt all the families of mice and soon he would be stepping on a dozen mice then a thousand and so on and all the foxes would starve for the want of the missing mice and a lion would die for the want of the missing foxes and chaos would throw all life forms in to destruction.

3. I think Travis made eckels go get the bullets because a) one of the men had to get it! B) Eckels had already angered him.

4. The significance of the miss spelled writing was that due to eckels stepping on the butterfly he actually could change time due to a minor flaw!

5. Eckels runs off the trail frightened and steps on a butterfly.

6. The new monster in charge is called deutscher, and he is now the present of the United States.

7. The story's title meaning in my opinion is Jurassic safari hunting.

8. When Bradbury says the tyrannosaur had skin like green coins it helped me this of a scaly shiny creature. He also describes the smell of the dinosaur's breath by saying it smelled like old blood and slime which helped me imagine someone's breath who has brushed in like 4 months.

9. I think this story was a little bit entertaining because of the climax when they have to kill the dinosaur but I think this story has a serious meaning. I think the story want people who read it to think that everything has a purpose and just because it isn't as superior as you it has importance.

10. Bradbury's story had...