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What three things impress you most about this company?

Southwest's competitive strategy is well thought out to every detail, it has very sizable and sustainable competitive advantage. Every market it has entered it has dominated with one competitive advantage being its low cost.

Second most impressive to me is Southwest's ability to cut costs and keep them low. It is very impressive how they can have low cost leadership and able to keep it in place. Part of this could be due to the fact that Herb Kelleher and the management team is well managed with few mistakes over the years.

Third most impressive is their ability to execute their strategy while maintain their competitiveness.

Company spirit and fun culture is very impressive. They are careful when selecting employees, training, and motivating. It seems that their employees care about the success of the company.

Why do you think southwest appears on fortune's list of the most admired airlines in the world?

The work environment at Southwest is fun and full of spirit.

The company employees create high customer satisfaction and have fun doing their job, they are very committed to Southwest and it seems everyone wants to make it successful. I think it has been listed with Fortune because the work environment they create is an atmosphere where everyone is appreciated and they all do their share to make the company work.

What weaknesses or problems do you see at southwest airlines?

There are not many weaknesses when it comes to operating problems for Southwest. One weakness could is how Southwest adjusts to the aftermath of September 11. If they will be able to keep the high traffic, or if the cost of more security at the airports cost them a lot.

Another issues are whether the new management...