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Spam is commonly defined as unsolicited e-mail messages, and the goal of spam e-mail reduction is to eliminate these messages. With the textbook and the Internet, research into this topic was investigated. In this paper, the results will show that a combination of approaches is suggested to combat this growing problem.

Spam E-Mail Reduction Does one “bad apple” spoil the whole team? One “bad apple” can spread negative behavior like a virus to destroy a good team. Negative behavior outweighs positive behavior, so a bad apple can spoil the whole barrel. This is the situation on our current accounting team at Southwest Medical Center. This paper will identify the paper and possible solutions to this problem that not only affect our team, but other teams in other businesses.

According to our textbook, Jones and George (2006), “A team is a group whose members work intensely with one another to achieve a specific common goal or objective.”

The first distinguishing characteristic of a team is its members’ full commitment to a common goal. Members must agree that the team goal is worthwhile and agree on a general approach to that goal. Such agreement provides the vision and motivation for team members to perform. The second characteristic is mutual accountability. To succeed as a team, members must feel and be accountable to one another and to the organization for the process and outcome of their work. The third characteristic of a team is a team culture based on trust and collaboration. Team members are willing to compromise, cooperate, and collaborate to reach their common purpose. Finally, teams develop synergy. Synergy means that team members together achieve more than each individual can.

We have a team member who we will call Jane through out this paper. Jane has been with the company for...