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Salut Hello (Kid) Bonjour Hello (Adult) Ca Va? Hows it going Ca Va. Its going Je meppel My name is Como t'apelle tu Whats ur name NOTE #1 "ER" VERBS 1st Singular 1st Singular Plural Je I Nous We Tu You Vous You Il He Ils Elles They Elle She On One NOTE #2 ACCENTS Aigu ( ) Sounds like "A" in date, it always goes ove rhte letter "E" Like elephant Grave(`) Also goes over the letter "E" sounds like "E" in jet * an accent over another letter doesnt change the sound Circomeflex (^) It doesnt change the sound Cedille (,) Equals the "S" sound Trema (...) Pronounce the vowels seperatly *Dont put accents on CAPITAL LETTERS NOTE #3 LES ARTICLE All nouns have genders Le Masculine M =M La Feminine Le Carte Les Plural NOTE #4 Negative Ne Pas Goes around the first conjugated verb Tu n'aimes pas le sport NOTE #5 AVOIR TO HAVE I/Je ai We/ nous avons You/tu as You/vous avez Il a Elles/Ils ont Je n'ai pas Nous n'avons NOTE #6 TIME Il est quelle heure It is what hour Il est It is NOTE #7 LES ADJECTIVE * Adjectives must afree withe the nous being described.

* The adjective comes after the noun.

M = M= M un stylo noir F = F = F Une porte noire F.Pl= F.Pl= F.Pl Les craysons blues If it ends in "E" weather mascellin or feminen="Rouge" to make plural add an S Une A fem. Des Some PL/ Un A masc.

NOTE #8 Pas' de With avoir only EXAMPLE Tu n'as pas de stylo? I dont have a pencil.

Primary Source - Original records of an event or way of life; eyewitness report Secondary Source - These are the writing that we read in books...