Speech: Three tragic points in my life.

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Relevancy: Today I am giving this speech, not only to provide you, my classmates with a more in depth insight to my person, but also to ask you to always use your voice, never be silent or keep from speaking up.

Preview: Today I will talk about three events that to this day have plagued me. Always thinking about the what ifs. I will commence with my fist love and then I will touch upon the passing of my grandfather and finally my last job.

I: I will start in a point of my life where not only I looked acquired but felt it as well.

MP#1: Falling in love is a very special moment in one's life, I was no exception to this. I was 17 years old when love came knocking at my door and at first I did not know how to handle the situation. What does a 17 year old know about love, not much, I can attest to that.

But with all the fear and all the uncertainty that filled me, it was not enough from keeping me from this thing we call love. I'm not really going to give specifics of what transpired in the relationship, but what I will tell you is that as our relationship ended I said nothing. Good, bad, nor insult, I stayed quiet, and because of that I lost the person I loved because I could not find my voice, I could not say that I didn't want this to finish and that I would try harder and please try to give us another chance, all of that escaped me. I have never really been able to give closure to this chapter of my life because of my inadequacy to speak my mind, to ask for the sake...