Speech : Tomorrow Begins Today

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Never is too late, Don't give up. Let the fear go. Tomorrow begin today.

Did you ever felt how your stomach flutter, how you can't see and hear anything?.

That's how I feel right now. But I still here trying to tell you why you need to fight for all the stuff you want. Why you need to live all the moments always, because it never comes back. That means that a moment never can be lived twice.

That's why I tell you " Never is late to start to figth, to enjoy your life." I will not tell you that is going to be easy but that's why I told you never give up. How many times on the week told yourself, " I can't do it" or something like that? Things like that are good examples of things that we should not give up, and try again and again and again up to the end, and when you can say, I DID IT, then you are going to see all that you wanted, and all the pain doesn't exist anymore.

But if you ignore what I told you, do you want me to tell you when you are going to be happy? Tomorrow, do you think that is to early?... dont be surprised because tomorrow I going to tell you tomorrow,tomorrow and tomorrow.

Try to think about it, try to never give up. And Tomorrow starts today.

And Today it has to be happy.