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Damon Koukoutchos

Mrs. Morlas

Honors English II

13 April 2014


I was frozen. Speechless. My mind could not grasp the reality of the situation at hand. Surrounded by school administrators and uniformed police officers. Sweaty palms. At that moment my life changed for the better, in dramatic fashion.

The night started out so calm, so basic, so average. My friends and I had made plans to do some drinking and smoking before attending the Fountain Bleu High football game. They rolled up to my house to pick me up and we set off for a night of what I thought was "fun." We headed to a gas station and managed to get four forty ounces of Old English malt liquor, then commenced with our unguided, foolish activities. Perched on a tree hanging over Lake Pontchartrain, I drank my forty-ounce while my other friends inhaled and took their mind somewhere else.

Amidst the intoxicated atmosphere and booming subwoofers I had a feeling of dread and anxiety. My friends had planned on smoking more once we arrived and parked at the game, unfortunately one of them hadn't fully grasped the plan. He lit the pipe seconds before we reached an F.H.S. administrator directing parking traffic. There we were, six dumb teenagers packed in a truck full of bad decisions and teenage angst. Smoke surrounding every crevasse. Pipes and bottles hidden in haste. Increased heart rate to the entirety of the car. The administrator motioned to the driver to roll down his window. As he did so the administrator's eyebrows perked up to the scent that touch his nostrils. Immediately he said, "Have you boys been smoking?" We all replied, "No sir," but that wasn't enough to get us off the hook. As he directed my friend's car to a parking spot,