Spotify vs. Pandora

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In the 21st century a battle over how music is delivered has begun. No longer is terrestrial radio the only way in which listeners can discover new music, revisit nostalgic favorites and connect with their respective age groups. Online digital radio outlets have become obvious replacements for men and women between the ages of 18-34. In this day and age individuals have a surplus of options when it comes to accessing music. However, many have moved away from physical products and the technologies/outlets of times past. There are two prominent companies waging this war: Spotify and Pandora. "Competition between the two programs seemed inevitable. And now, Spotify has announced a new radio station option, in effect, co-opting Pandora's well-honed craft. And with a library of 16 million tune[s] compare[d] with Pandora's paltry 1 million track allowance, it seems likely, if not inevitable that Spotify is going to eat Pandora for brunch.

While Pandora knows how to pamper you, especially if you've been using the service for a number of years, Spotify is guaranteed to have all your favorite new albums" �. Both companies are Internet radio stations that provide access to a plethora of songs, playlists, fully customizable radio stations and additional features. Although both services provide listeners essentially the same thing(s), music, an in depth look and comparison of the advantages/disadvantages of each company unveils a clear victor in the war of Internet radio services; Spotify.

Pandora was the first of the two Internet radio titans to launch, in 2005. "Pandora is the commercial front end of the Music Genome Project, an ambitious effort to deconstruct and analyze the structure of particular songs to identify common musical attributes they share with other compositions. Pandora's staff of musicologists break down your favorite Rihanna song into individual components, such as:...