Spring Break

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For spring break a couple of years ago, lots of kids went to Cancun or some other wild place to do crazy, crazy things and to get really drunk. I went to Hawaii, to the tiny island of Lanai with my mom, dad and sister, and lay on the beach for six days. My daily schedule for that week would consist of waking up and ordering room service (paying $5 for a bagel) watching "Regis & Kelly" and eventually making my way to the beach, at which point I would embarrass all the other in shape, ripped men with their families by taking off my shirt. Now for such an upscale resort, I encountered several dirt bags during this particular trip. First there was the nanny who had a toddler take a shit in the moat of a sand castle, and then covered the moat with sand. Then there was this really loud girl at dinner one night (about 18 years old), dressed like a hooker and acted like a 12 year old.

The pants were well past the waist and let me tell you, she was no girl to be wearing her pants that way. She was a big girl in more ways than one. Then there was a guy another night at dinner who continuously checked out my sister, but would give up for a few minutes after my dad would turn around to look at the guy. Then the kid who shit in the moat started to shit by the pool, but his mom stopped him in time. The loud girl from dinner was also at the pool one day in a bikini that was by all means not for her, forcing her brother to take pictures of her by the pool. Her poses were not appropriate,