Staging notes of "The Physicists" (scene 7-9)

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Scene 7, 8, 9, and denouement

Staging Notes

Lighting: Light/Dark

Lighting should gradually begin to fade when Monika tells Mobius that all they need is each other; ***Mobius strip - light/dark: - the fading of the light is symbolic because it begins when Mobius realizes that he is going to kill Monika. He does not give away his intentions, thus there is the clash between truth and reality with this technique.

Mobius and Monika's silhouettes should no longer be visible by the time Monika is dead and Mobius is kneeling next to her body. ***Mobius strip - light/dark one side of Mobius strip is obviously present in that he had just murdered Nurse Monika; his reason for her death is kept secret until act two.

A shaft of light would shine in from Mobius' room and the general wash on the stage would go back to normal (100%) as he walks out.

***Mobius strip - light/dark: the light coming from Newton's room is artificial there is again a conflict between truth and untruth (Newton fakes his identity); he also tries to shine a light on the situation (reveal the murder of Nurse Monika)

Setting and props: Truth/Untruth

Chandelier: it would not produce light but would represent light. ***Mobius strip - truth/untruth: some truth in the asylum that is hardly notice, hidden

Large French doors, with red drapes. ***Mobius strip - truth/untruth: represent dark, untruth because this was where the murders took place

Rooms only used as a backdrop, leaves room for the actors to move around on stage and so the stage does not look too clutter due to the chairs, table, couch etc.***Mobius strip - truth/untruth: cannot see into rooms, secrets and untruth

Character Development: Reality/Unreal

Einstein: seems remorseful that he killed Nurse Irene and wonders...