Was Stalin an Ethical Leader.

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Before Hitler gained control over Germany in the 1930's, another European dictator had already come to power in Russia. Commonly known as Josef Stalin, a name that translates to mean the man of steel. Stalin, along with Hitler, was one of the most brutal men in recorded history. In relation to the criteria on ethical leadership constructed by Lino and myself, we believe that Stalin was a very unethical leader. According to his actions, it is clear, that Stalin failed in all aspects of our criteria. Born Iosef Vassarionovich Dzugashvili, Stalin had no respect for human rights and made decisions that would deliberately harm others, the appalling affect these decisions had and he did not promote or even welcome a peaceful notion. As a result of this behaviour Stalin led the USSR thought the great patriotic war and cause the cold war. Today there are few who view his era as the Golden Age for Russia, the majority of those who were inconvenienced by his unethical behaviour view his era with a different perspective.

Joseph Stalin was an Unethical leader and a brutal man. This is shown in the effect he had on Russia during his rule and for along time after that. All though Stalin did improve some aspects of Russia, they were mostly for helping himself not for helping the USSR or its people. Stalin's regime was on of resentment and fear, which began in 1929. Within that time: The great patriotic war, the cold war, the siege of Leningrad, and several unsuccessful 5-year plans, were few of many on Stalin's list of dark achievements. Along with these Stalin's campaign of political terror and use of labour camps also killed millions of his own people. One of his most destructive and unethical plans though, was his forced...