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Group Therapy in the Work Place T.R. Reid's interview "Confucius live next door" Ryan Jones Homework Essay OB Sept. 9 2001 T.R Reid's interview on CSPAN talks about things that compare to our chapter 2 in the Organizational Behavior book. With groups a society can prosper by working together. By living in Japan for many of years Reid got to experience the society first hand. After living in Japan Reid decided to write a book explaining the differences in a society where fReidom is the key component to a society where conform and loyalty have special places in the work place. Now we all know the surface differences between a society that is right wing conservative and then a society that has individuals a center piece instead of the whole picture as a society trying to move ahead. Reid does a good job explaining the differences between these societies.

Now even Reid has problems explaining the differences because he feels an if he is a patriot of America and feels as if our society is superior, but Japan's society has so many appealing things such as no crime rate and lifetime employment. With values, loyalty, and attitudes, Reid begins to give an interview that is closely related to our chapter 2.

Values are very much different in Japan compared to Americans in the U.S. Japan stress with a graduation ceremony that Japanese will work together to better the society. In these ceremonies, Reid says "It's a big spectrum in April for graduates in April for graduates to join a company." This is a Japanese way of coming into adult hood and also more important becoming a member of the society. In the United States its more of we hope you become a productive part of the society. Not that...