Is Stanley Yelnats in "The Holes" adaptable?

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"Holes" is the story of Stanley Yelnats, a young boy that has been sent to Camp Green Lake for something he didn't do. He believes his family is under a curse, and the curse has come to rest on him. However, throughout the story we can tell that Stanley is adaptable because he soon made some friends in the camp, he quickly learned the rules of the camp and he is becoming like the other boys. These facts can be illustrated in the quotes from the book.

First of all, he always cares for others no matter what, and that's the main reason he made some friends in the camp. For example, Stanley agreed that he'd give anything he finds to X-Ray, even though he knows he might get a day off for it, he still gives the chance to X-Ray without getting mad. When the Warden was watching them digging holes, it happened to be Mr. Pendanski saying something wrong to the Warden.

"Stanley didn't want to cause any trouble for Mr. Pendanski." Stanley didn't know him for too long but still, he didn't want Mr. Pendanski to be blamed which showed the kindness of him. On the other hand, Stanley also made a deal with Zero; Stanley would teach Zero how to read and Zero would dig part of each hole for him. Stanley has respect for others that everyone soon becomes friends with him.

Meanwhile, he quickly learned the rules of the camp in his first few days. When he's digging his holes, "He'd learned to wait until he saw the truck, before drinking the last drop." Stanley now knows the importance of every drop of the water in his canteen so he'd wait until he's sure for his canteen will be filled right...